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We are Fazza Group of Companies and we have been serving for logistics in Pakistan since 1960.
Gul Deen Qureshi and Nooruddin Qureshi-are the names behind Fazza Logistics. In 1960, Gul Deen Qureshi, my grandfather came up with the idea to start transport business as there were not enough transport services at that time in Pakistan. The business was created to ship items in and around Pakistan, quickly building a reputation for excellence, efficiency and affordability.

My grandfather started this business with Nooruddin Quresi as New Gulzar Transport at Market Tower near Allied Cinema, Hyderabad. My uncle, Nooruddin was a very talented person and worked hard to expand horizons and never looked back. He wanted to flourish this family business across generations.
In 1990, I joined this team and began to work under them. I was 10-12 years old and spent 14 years in New Gulzar Transport and worked day and night to lead the business in new direction.

In 2005, I decided to build my own company and named it Muhammad Ali Bhai Goods Cargo Services. The business started its new journey and went through many processes and offered best services to its clients.
We became one of the leading logistics companies in Pakistan and offered services to different clients, their parties and their distributors.

Pakistan and UAE have laid strong foundations of mutually beneficial relations, friendship and peaceful cooperation over the years. UAE enjoys close and fraternal relations, founded on cultural affinities, shared faith and traditions, and also geographic proximity and identity of interests with Pakistan. It has emerged as one of Pakistan’s major economic and trading partners and a large number of Pakistani expatriates are gainfully employed in UAE, who contribute to promotion of bilateral understanding and to the economy of Pakistan through their home remittances. These relations have evolved into wide-ranging co-operation in various fields. UAE has been one of the friendly countries which extended economic assistance to Pakistan in its difficult times.

I was inspired by UAE people and their Government, because they had new visions and ideas for their people. But the person who continues to inspire me is Sheikh Hamdan Bin Muhammad, the Crown Prince of Dubai. He is popularly known as Fazza, the name under which he publishes his poetry. It encouraged me and I decided to launch Fazza Logistics.

As Karachi is a business hub of Pakistan and connected with the whole world, I began to shift here and grow Fazza Group of Companies.
It is a remarkable story of growth and success of Fazza Group of Companies that is unpredictable but I kept up with the best services along the way.

Our future goal is to launch Fazza Charity International Organization in year 2025 to aid drivers who are basic part of our business, and make a charity foundation to help poor people, provide food, education and quality health.
We want to serve humanity.
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Our Services


We are well-known organization for transportation, pressing and moving, we move stuff all over Pakistan. We utilize quality material and handle all the things with extra consideration and security.


Get your urgent packages collected and delivered in time by choosing one of our local courier services. We are first-rate local courier service providers in Pakistan. We have a team that has put a long time in this local courier business to upgrade their work further.


We can move your things over the globe. We will deal with your own assets and ensure they are conveyed to your new location in impeccable condition. Approach us for the simple, peaceful approach to get your things from A to B.


Our priority is to get the best rates and shortest transit time for your shipments. Alongside, there are ever vigilant professional services for all your transportation requirements.


We also provides warehousing facility, if you require our storage house to keep your goods with safety for days or months; we are always ready to provide you storage space.


Safe delivery of products.Gives Customized transportation and undertaking care of abilities. Full is practical truck administration for heavier and greater shipments for doorstep conveyance.

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